January 8, 2013

Black and White Wednesday {everyday life}

A peek into my day:
Joy loves music. Whether it's screaming singing into the "microphone" (which is really my reading light), banging on the books with her color pencils, or, in this case, singing while playing the piano. She gets lost in it. Unaware of the things around her. Usually that's when she gets carried away and we have to tell her, "Joy. Look at all the people in the room. It's not just you. Shhhhh." Then moments later, "Joy! Shhh! We are trying to talk!" and replied with, "But I'm just playing my dwums.". So, when today I asked what her favorite this to do is, she ran to the piano and instad of telling her to calm down, I grabbed the camera. 

 After a nice show of the famous musician, Joy, I go to my room to do my homework. Joy claims she doesn't to want "be myself" so she follows me up the stairs and sits quietly on my bed occasionally peeping up and asking, "Ruthie? Are you almost done wif your homework?". By then I have completly forgotten she was sitting on my bed and after recovering from jumping straight out of my chair sadly reply, "Not yet, sugar. Almost." Today though, there was a turn of events. After there was a period of quiet I heard deep breathing. Uh oh. Slowly turning, I saw this:

Oh precious moments like these. 
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  1. so precious. she is an angel!

  2. She's adorable, I love that first shot.

  3. I'm a sucker for sleeping shots. :) She is so precious!

  4. What a beauty she is! And your black and white images are gorgeous!
    I wish I had stuck with piano years ago.


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