January 22, 2013

Black and White Wednesday {baby lips}

I am guilty. I am about to show you old pictures. Old, as in November 28. Well, I have been sick since Thursday and I am returning to school tomorrow therefore there was little time today for Black and White Wednesday. Thankfully, I found some pictures I haven't shown you guys. Joy has these things called "Baby Lips". They're a brand of chapstick/lipstick and she absolutely loves her pair. Everyday we have to tell her, "Joy. Put the baby lips down." But, there is something we didn't know when we bought her baby lips. 
They're colored. 
Bright pink. 

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  1. How cute, my granddaughter has an affinity for lip gloss too, such girly girls.

  2. Gorgeous pictures of your girls girl! Xxx

  3. Aww how cute! She's adorable! Great photos!

  4. What a precious baby sister you have!! :) Your photos are just beautiful Ruthie!! Love your blog! Have a blessed day!!


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